Dallas, Texas

Our client was looking to add square footage to their existing house without changing the building envelope.  The house had a substantial unfinished attic space that was separated from the rest of the house by an existing chimney.  Much of the first floor was taken up by double fireplaces and an awkwardly placed staircase, the remnant of a previous addition.  Our solution removed all of the fireplaces, as the client never used them, and shifted the stair to the center of the house. We replaced the chimney with a skylight so that the stair could act as a light well. The revised plan created a more contemporary open living area by reconnecting the kitchen.  A built-in entertainment console adjacent to the stair established a central focus for the open living area.  The second floor added an office under the main gable of the house and storage spaces in areas under the low parts of the roof.  The existing back porch was extended and screened in to create an outdoor room.

Contractor: DMAC

Furnishings: Rob Dailey Design

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