OFFICIAL Headquarters

Dallas, Texas

We are excited to have found a home for our studio in a 1950's warehouse on Levee Street in the Dallas Design District. The industrial area is transitioning into a flourishing residential, art, design and restaurant community. Our space invites people into the studio and fabrication shop, engaging them in both our designs and our design process. The building is loosely defined from front to back as exhibit / work / live / fabricate. We demolished the old office and warehouse space while salvaging many of the existing building materials and fixtures for reinstallation. A demising wall was added to provide an acoustic barrier at the shop and contains the only fixed elements of the design, the kitchen and bathrooms. Freestanding living and storage volumes are nested within the space. The front brick fa├žade was given a fresh look with paint, signage and lighting. Large storefront windows display the gallery inside while a vibrant red stair marks the entrance to the exhibit space. From inside the gallery the adjacent office makes our architecture work visible and tangible. Guests are welcomed through the studio into the shop. Our metal and woodworking shop will serve as a place to design, prototype and fabricate limited edition pieces. The building is wrapped with a private drive and an open back area that flows into the adjacent Trinity River Levee, a beautiful greenspace with parks, trails and unique views of the Dallas skyline that has become our backyard. Our studio represents us as designers as well as our interest in sharing and positively impacting the community. We strive to collaborate with and exhibit work by local artists, designers and organizations that share our vision of enhancing the built environment of Dallas.

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