BEAM light was designed as a custom light for a residence our architecture studio, OFFICIAL, designed in Austin.  We searched for an 8 foot linear pendant that would serve as a task light that could dim down to become an atmospheric light.  Our search came up short so we designed and fabricated our own.

BEAM is composed of a perforated aluminum panel suspended between two aluminum angles.  Custom aluminum clips were milled and welded into the interior of the angles, allowing the perforated panel to be attached with small hex bolts.  Two LED ribbon strips run along both sides of the bottom angle and cast the light upward, illuminating the perforated panel while remaining invisible to the eye.  The light is also reflected downward by the upper angle to create a task light when fully illuminated.  BEAM is a crisply defined strip of light contained by the angles above and below.  Minimal hanging connections allow the light to float while the power cord, purposely expressed with a strong curve, balances the linear quality of the fixture.

Designed to be available in varying lengths up to 8 feet long, the overall size of the light is 2” wide by 3-1/2” high.  The aluminum composition makes the fixture incredibly light and the cable system is simple to install and adjust at the ceiling.  Shown here in matte white and matte black textured powder coat, there are a multitude of finish options as the components can be individually plated or powdercoated.

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